Aside from fresh gourmet mushrooms, we offer a wide variety of products and servies to those also interested in growing mushrooms. We offer discounts for bulk and standing orders. please contact us for details

Fresh Mushrooms:

We currently grow a small variety of mushrooms for restaurants and farmers markets. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

  • Blue Oyster (P. columbinus)
  • Lions Mane (H. erinaceous)
  • Chestnut Mushroom (P. adiposa)
  • King Oyster (P. eryngii)


* Presterilized bulk substrate (80% alder sawdust:20% wheat bran)
* Sterilization of custom substrate

Inoculated substrate:

* Bulk orders on inocuated (ready to fruit) substrate for those just interested in fruiting mushrooms
* Spent substrate blocks: blocks that have been fruited on our farm which are now great for composting, mulching, or growing more mushrooms.

Consultation and customer support:

$40/hr in person or on phone. please call or email to schedule an appointment (15 minute minimum)

* Design: Laboratory, incubation, fruiting room set-up
* Serilization: techniques and principals
* Lab work: Spawn/culture/media prep, aseptic technique
* incubation/fruiting: environmental requirements, troubleshooting problems.

we offer customer support to anyone using our products free of charge via email or by phone.