We began our mushroom journey a few years ago when partner Michael Bandy decided to take his love of mushrooms a step further and began to focus on their growth. Within a few months his basement was transformed into a fully operational mushroom farm. As we began to see the amazing possibilities mushrooms had to offer we decided to jump in head first and start our own mushroom farm.

Our farm is in a constant state of evolution and probably always will be. We work tirelessly to research the most up to date methods as well as refining our own efficiency and equipment. When we began we were growing only oyster mushrooms on straw using pasteurization methods. Now we have five fully functional vintage autoclaves that we saved from OHSU and a boiler to run them that was once a central heating device for the Naval base in Astoria. With this updated (albeit dated) equipment we are now growing Lion's Mane, Reishi, Shiitake and King Oyster along with our original staple, the Blue Oyster Mushroom.